We have a $500 value of Core Values Assessment (CVI's), however, GFC Pros and HRBC -on line-will provide this to you FREE of charge including the Coaching, consultation and explanation of results.

Our FREE Assessment ON LINE Program with CVI

Conducted by our team of experts.

What is the CVI assessment?

The Core Values Index is the only assessment that characterizes and measures the innate unchanging nature of an individual. The accompanying T. Protocols and the revolutionary new  Pre-Selection Science put the power of this assessment directly to work, connecting the innate nature of people with the tasks required by their job.


One of the most challenging issues facing business owners or managers is the right selection and commissioning of people. Effective hiring practices and methodologies, while being extremely critical to the success of any business, have continued to be an elusive “Holy Grail” of management. That was true for me, until I discovered the Core Values Index and the new Science of Pre-Selection that it powers.

The Results

The resulting T.Protocols prescribe how to put the CVI to work. These technologies, plus the new Pre-Selection Science, put the objective screening of incoming candidates at the very beginning of the hiring process for the first time. The result for companies that choose to adopt these technologies is higher profitability than has been previously thought possible.

You are about to discover your Business Builder Profile.

Finding the right business is all about compatibility and leveraging your skills. A business that is right for one person is not necessarily a good fit for you. It only takes 15 minutes to complete.

What is not !!

This is NOT a personality test, BUT something more about your business Skills, Core Values and finding your inner Capabilties


"Correlations between personality and success fall in the .03 to .15 range, which is close to zero."
Frederick Morgerson et al, Personnel Psychology (2007)


We use an integrated, science based approach featuring patent-pending methodologies, thus offering greater insight into who you are as a business builder.

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